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Above the western horizon, a churning cloud of electricity lights up the evening sky. Millions of molecules bump, swerve and collide. From the chaos, cumulative rifts begin to form clearly ordered patterns within hidden folds of hyperdimensional space. From this obscure labyrinth a unique and transcendent sound begins to emerge.

  1. Vaetxh – List of Lists
  2. Dusty Fungus – The Frailty of the Flesh and the Hardness of Heart
  3. Manni Dee – Viaduct (Deft Remix)
  4. Clicks & Whistles – Neva Get Caught (Subvader Remix)
  5. Brujo’s Bowl – Whole Sense of Purpose
  6. Random Rab – Clairvoyer
  7. Sun in Aquarius – A Song For Those That Miss Someone
  8. Kalya Scintilla – Eloquent Expansion
  9. Flying Lotus – Melt!
  10. Audiovoid – Now Adjust It
  11. Kalya Scintilla – Infinitely Being
  12. Emancipator – Minor Causes
  13. Shwex – Forever Shining Soul
  14. Shwex & Mumukshu – Elements of Antiquity (Whitebear Remix)
  15. Frank Riggio – Textured Ending
  16. Clark – Ted
  17. Memotone – Suburb
  18. Kalya Scintilla – From Day to Night and Back Again
  19. Quanta – Create Culture
  20. Quanta – Vibratory Fields
  21. Futexture – Agrowthiate
  22. Brujo’s Bowl – Eclectek
  23. Kettel – Any Waken Sly Blonde

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