Resonate – Cosmic Expanse

Resonate - Cosmic Expanse

Cosmic Expanse

Expanding to the mysterious edges of deep space and beyond, the Cosmos is a nearly infinite variety of systems which seem to paradoxically express both chaos and order. It’s seemingly endless expanses extend both outward and inward into …

Resonate – Bassmint 11/02/12

Close your eyes and dive right into a hypnotizing portal of sound. Journey to a magical multidimensional world of blissful musical transcendence with this 90 minute blend of Psychedelic Dance Music.

  1. Shpongle – … and the Day Turned to Night

Resonate – Neon Krunky Live Set @ Burning Man 2011

An eclectic blend of modern visionary music complete with sharp visceral grooves, ego-annihilating melodies, and sprawling emotive soundscapes. This set was played live at the Neon Monkey dome in Black Rock City for our Wednesday night Neon Krunky event. Settle …